Matis Paris Sos Nutri+ Body Cream


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A velvety and melting texture for dry to very dry skin.

This intensely nourishing and moisturising care especially designed for dry to very dry skin is a comfort treatment. With a velvety and melting texture it wraps the skin in well-being and softness

Upon application, the skin is swathed in a luxurious veil of instant comfort & hydration thanks to a trio of plant butters (Kokum, Illipe, Shea), Orange Blossom Waxs, +extracts of Sunflower & Polysaccharide Plants.

Content : 200 ml



UNSAPONIFIABLE FRACTION OF SUNFLOWER : Helps to restore lipids to the skin and restructures sensitive skin while improving its barrier function. It moisturises the superficial layers of epidermis for an instant and long-term effect.

POLYSACCHARIDE PLANT : Derived from Cassia Angustifolia which is native from India, it forms a protective film on the skin surface and minimizes the insensible water loss. The epidermis is thus protected and hydrated.

ORANGE BLOSSOM WAX : Calms and softens.

TRIO OF PLANT BUTTERS (Kokum, Illipe, Shea): Issued from Garcinia Indican almond, the tree originating from India, the Kokum butter is rich in unsaturated fatty acids which define its nourishing, protective, softening and regenerating properties. The Illipe butter is derived from Shorea Stenoptera fruit. It is an emollient agent known for its moisturising and nourishing properties. Finally, the Shea Butter is rich in triglycerides, unsaponifiables and vitamins; it has regenerating and softening virtues.



Apply every day to the whole body focusing on the driest areas (elbows, knees and heels). For an intensive hydration and nutrition, use morning and evening.

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