Matis Paris Body Scrub No1


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Smoothly reveals your body radiance.

Each exfoliation, either strong, medium or soft, has one objective – to make the skin get rid of dead cells. It allows a cell renewal, optimises the penetration of other body treatments and beautifies the body.

MatiSpa Body Scrub no 1 is a gentle exfoliation through a mauve colored foam, suitable for even the most delicate skin.

Content : 200 g



CRANBERRY OIL : Helps to moisturise. Its unique content in fatty acids helps to preserve the skin.

POMEGRANATE : Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin thanks to its soothing properties.



By dead cells removal, the skin recovers all its softness.
It is velvety, soft and smooth.
It is ready for skin care products to be applied.



Apply to the whole body once or twice a week to a dry or wet skin. Massage in well to rid the skin of impurities, rinse off.

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