Advanced Pre Treatment Activator

Advanced Pre Treatment Activator  Oldham

Just when you thought your facial treatment results couldn’t get any better we reveal this!

Supercharge all of your facial treatments with this intensive Pre-Treatment Co2 Mask.

Performed prior to any facial, this mask activates and prepares the skin so that it can absorb effective, active ingredients used within your treatments- a true catalyst effect for optimum efficiency!

The treatment is a match made in heaven when used in conjunction with any aesthetic service – chemical skin peels, mesotherapy, dermarolling, dermaplaning + led light therapy.

What results will I achieve?

– Functionality of the skin works to its optimum receptivity.
– Thanks to extract of liquorice, chamomile, portuclaca oleracea, centella asiatica and Co2, the skin is instantly soothed, nourished, comforted and the complexion more radiant and unified.
– The appearance of pigmentary disorders is reduced.
– The skin is instantly brightened, smoothed, firmed & toned.
– Improves the texture & tone of the skin.
– Excellent anti-inflammatory effect.
– Increases the oxygen level within the skin cells and therefore boosts the skin’s healing power.
– Your overall facial treatment results will be more noticeable and last longer.

Price: £60