Matis Paris Fill Up


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Fill’Up, the fatal weapon to “kill ” wrinkles!
A true technical performance without medical aesthetic injections : Fill up relaxes, fills, smooths and blurs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Its syringe packaging allows an easy , practical and very accurate application which makes it an every day skin perfector!

This daily beauty ritual leaves the skin velvety and smooth thanks to its delicate powder texture providing a « cushion » effect.

Content : 10 mL



HYALURONIC FILLER TECHNOLOGY: These microspheres set up in the wrinkle crease and increase the volume in order to fill in the surface irregularities

FILLING MICRO POWDERS: Strengthened filling through optical smoothing

M2R+ : Matis specific active ingredient providing a relaxing effect on the muscles involved in the appearance of wrinkles.

BCL : Matis specific active ingredient enables the skin restructuring action by correcting wrinkles from the inside.




To be applied locally while following the wrinkle line after your usual day cream.

Position the nozzle flat and press slightly to assure the application of the product along the wrinkle.

Make a massage with the nozzle while following the wrinkle direction (from the right to the left and from the left to the right) and do small circular movements to reinforce the relaxing effect.

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