Matis Paris Express Lift Concentrate


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Boasting a powerful active ingredient with a stretch effect, Express Lift Concentrate is a magic formula, a real express beauty solution to lift the features. Its travel format follows you everywhere and allows rapid, multi-purpose use.

In a few moments, your fine lines & wrinkles are smoothed and your face looks rested, radiant, toned & lifted.
It is also a fantastic product to set your makeup to extend its hold throughout the day

Content : 2 ml



Sr2o: It is able to form a cohesive, continuous lifting film. Smooth the skin’s micro-surface and reduce wrinkles and lines.



Pour half the miniature bottle into the palms of the hands, apply onto the face, neck, and neckline by patting to help it seep in. Let dry.



  • Smoothes the features and revives the skin’s radiance at the beginning of an evening
  • Reapplied the next morning, it alleviates signs of tiredness
  • Sets make-up and extends its hold throughout the day

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