Matis Paris The Night – Regenerating Caviar Face Cream


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The Night – Regenerating Caviar Face Cream

Containing decadent caviar extract, this can only truly be described as the Crème da la Crème of facial products. When simply, only the finest will do, this is the Rolls Royce of beauty products.
Providing an opulent texture & luxurious aroma, this exceptional night cream helps to undo all negative effects of the day.

Suffering from no daily external aggression’s during the night, the skin finds some peaceful time to work on its cell renewal. Night after night, The Night – Regenerating Caviar Face Cream brings the solution to your skin and undoes all negative effects of the day.

Content : 50 ml



CAVIAR EXTRACT : Helps revitalise the cell renewal, contributes to nourishing and replenishing the skin minerals.

SHEA BUTTER : Possesses softening, anti-drying and protective effects. It nourishes the skin thanks to its content in vitamin A and F and improves the skin tissue regeneration.

TAMARID EXTRACT : Stimulates the cell renewal and fights against free radicals while avoiding wrinkles apparition.

MARINE GLYCOGEN : Gives the skin the energy needed to accelerate its renewal. A natural skin restoration process takes place during the night and all active ingredients focused on regeneration and cell renewal become more effective during that period.


Apply every evening to perfectly cleansed face and neck.