Matis Paris Intensive Remodelling Care


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The Intensive Remodeling Care helps your skin to fight slackening.

This remodeling care helps mature skin to fight slackening by finding substance, tone and rebound lost over time. Firming and smoothing, the Intensive Remodeling Care brings wellness and protection thanks to its velvety texture.

Content : 50 ml



DENSIDERM COMPLEX : The signature of Matis Paris, this complex acts on the skin as an architect of the dermis. Made of natural active ingredients targeting mature skins, it combines dill and soy extracts to consolidate and restructure in depth the dermal network and then improve its firmness, tone and density.

LIPOPEPTIDE R : This amino acid complex allows counterbalancing some signs of ageing such as a loss of firmness. It strengthens the skin structure and improves the appearance of the skin by delaying the effects of ageing.

SMARTVECTOR U.V.® : Encapsulated, vitamins C and E (antioxidant proprieties) are gradually released throughout the day under the influence of light rays to assure a permanent and continuous action.

OAT SUGAR FRACTIONS : Innovative active ingredients with toning, lifting and smoothing effects.



Apply in the morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck. For more effectiveness, use in combination with the Redensifying Concentrate and the Restructuring Evening Care.