Matis Paris Réponse Soleil- Sun Protection Face Cream SPF50


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An indispensable ally of all fair skin types during the first days of exposure.

A cream with a high sun protection. In addition to sunscreens which protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, it contains moisturising polysaccharides causing a filmogenic effect. Finally, glycerin, an emollient active ingredient, softens the skin and reduces dehydration.

With a UV protection

Main Active Ingredients:

UVA & UVB FILTERS : the UVA and UVB filters of the REPONSE SOLEIL line are the chemical compositions absorbing the UV rays.

MOISTURISING POLYSACCHARIDES : from biotechnology origin, this polymer has a saccharide linear sequence structure rich in sugars, fructose, galactose and galacturonic acid. Filmogenic and moisturizing effects.

GLYCERIN : emollient. Softens the skin and prevents from dehydration.

SCENT : a delicate fruity summer fragrance complemented with delicious scents of Monoi flowers, vanilla and apricot. It is based on a soft, woody note completed with a delicious lemon scent leading to a floral heart.

How To Use:

Apply to the face and neck an equivalent to a teaspoon to provide the specified level of protection. Re-apply every two hours and after swimming.