Matis Paris Réponse Jeunesse Beauty Pouch


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This range is focused on anti-age prevention to help individuals preserve their youth capital. Intended for individuals who are 25 years +, this essential daily regimen for the skin will provide optimum levels of hydration and nourishment.


Climatis – Climatic Protective Balm:

This protective balm is suitable for all skin types exposed regularly or seasonally to cold climates and/or intense climate variations. A shield of protection, Climatis helps restore a skin protection barrier to deal with environmental conditions (cold, wind, dryness, bad weather, etc.). A fantastic moisturising cream to shield and protect skins that are exposed to the outdoors- be it dog walking, running, skiing, farming, this product is for you!

Content : 50 ml

Youth Hydrating Mask

A moisturising mask to hydrate, nourish and brighten your skin. Very refreshing, it optimises skin water reserves and helps plump up dehydration lines. The skin is soft, cool, and comfortable.

Content : 50 ml


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