Matis Paris Réponse Corps/ Body- Slim Motion Body Cream


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This care is a thermoactive emulsion. The heating effect begins during the massage for a circulatory system activation and a better penetration of the active ingredients. A biotechnological extract increases the adiponectin release, that mimics the effect of endurance exercise training. The adipocytes are also released and the muscle fibres toned.

Main Active Ingredients:

Caffeine + Papaye enzyme

How To Use:

Apply in circular massaging motions morning and evening to targeted areas (stomach, arms, etc.) until the product is fully absorbed. Must not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women.


73% Orange peel appears smoothed away(1)
81% Skin gains firmness(1)
96% Skin is moisturised(1)

(1) Results of self-evaluation on 26 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after 28 days, two applications per day


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