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This anti-water gel is directly inspired by cryotherapy technique. At the application, its immediate cooling effect soothes instantly the feeling of heavy legs.
For a long-term « light legs » effect, its formula contains several active ingredients with an anti-water action.
The legs are drained, decongested and free of discomfort.

Main Active Ingredients:

Anti-water complex + Decongestant active ingredient

How To Use:

Apply to legs working from the ankles up, and reapply as often as necessary. Not for use by pregnant or breast-feeding women.


From the first application:
91% Legs are decongested(1)
82% The product has a cryogenic effect(1)
100% The product has a pleasant cooling effect(1)

After 28 days:
95% Legs are deflated(2)
95% The product has an « anti-water » effect(2)
95% The skin is relieved of water retention(2)

(1) Results of self-evaluation on 22 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after just one application
(2) Results of self-evaluation on 21 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after two applications per day for 28 days