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This care is concentrated in benefits and specifically designed for devitalized skin. Its fine texture envelops the skin in instant comfort. The formula offers a true anti-aging beauty experience. It combines an active ingredient sourced from a centennial tree (targeted action on youth-building proteins) with precious oils (protective and regenerating action).


Inca Inchi + Centennial tree elixir

How To Use:

Apply to clean skin under the usual day or night cream. Apply to the face, neck and bust. Place the required number of drops into the palm of the hand, 2 to 4 depending on how dry the skin is.


From 28 days

  • Improved skin quality: 74 %*
  • The face firmness appears reinforced: 78 %*
  • The face appears protected and regenerated : 82 %*

*Results of self-evaluation on 27 women expressed in % of satisfaction after application twice a day for 28 days.

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