Matis Paris Matiskin 4.0


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Matiskin is a form of Nutricosmetics- Drinkable skincare!!

Often, what we see on the outer skin is a reaction to what is happening on our insides. Be it hormones, stress, lack of sleep, ill health, diet and lifestyle, these all affect our skin. In light of this, to ensure that our outer skin is working and responding effectively we need to incorporate digestible skincare as a form of beauty booster.
Matiskin is a beauty drinking treatment containing advanced skincare ingredients. It is ideal for skins that are tired looking, lacking radiance ,wrinkled, fine lined and dry.

Content : 14 Units



HYALURONIC ACID BEAUTY PROPERTIES : hydration from the inside – plump look

COLLAGEN BEAUTY PROPERTIES : tones up the skin, fights against slackening and wrinkles appearance

VITAMIN C BEAUTY PROPERTIES : boosts collagen synthesis and fights against the ageing effects



One sachet per day in 28 day treatment, (2 boxes of 14 sachets).