Matis Paris Cell Expert


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Cell Expert is a beauty elixir which is adapted to improve all visible signs of aging. Through using this pre treatment serum, it creates a catalyst effect making the skin more responsive to any products applied directly after its application. Thus in turn, you receive quicker and more effective results from all your skincare!. Day after day your skincare needs and results are achieved to their optimum potential.



MATISTEM CC™ : Allows to protect the environment of the skin stem cells and to help prolong their capacity as to initiate the cell renewal process. This specific active ingredient composed of « vegetal stem cells » extracted from the white rose, rich in proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. These biomimetic stem cells spread out at the surface of the skin and diffuse the actives.



Morning and evening. Apply 2-3- drops daily, to cleansed and toned skin, prior to serum and regular skincare. Apply on face and neck, avoid the eye area.