Matis Paris C7 Booster


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A revolutionary 7-day treatment with a high concentration of Vitamin C that will give your skin a jumpstart of energy and youthfulness.

The Matis C7 treatment boosts collagen and elastin production helping the skin to retain its youthfulness, brightness and clarity!

Containing 79% pure Vitamin C – hello glowing skin! ✨ 🍊

Vitamin C has a powerful anti-oxidant action which protects the skin from damaging free radicals caused by environmental pollution. This prevents irritation and inflammation on the skin, revealing an illuminated, even and renewed complexion in just 7 days. It brightens the skin tone and reduces the wrinkle depth.

Main Active Ingredients:

Vitamin C

How To Use:

1. Place 1 capsule of vitamin C into the palm of your hand
2. Add 2 droppers full of the activating serum
3. Mix in your hand until you get an even texture
4. The product is ready to apply to your face by lightly massaging in until completely absorbed


+37% Improvement of the skin*
+33% Brighter skin tone*
-21% Reduction in wrinkle depth**

*Clinical measurements taken from 22 women after 3 weeks of daily use.
**3D imaging used to measure the wrinkle depth of 5 subjects after 3 weeks of daily use.

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