Matis Paris Absolute Soothing Serum


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The extinguisher of the skin “in crisis”.

When TLC, soothing, calming and cocooning effects are needed for the skin, the Absolute Soothing Serum is your rescue remedy. Upon application, it instantly calms the feeling of irritation and provides an immediate soothing effect. The skin is unified and red marks are less visible.

Content : 30 ml


MATISPHERE S AND C : These microcapsules gradually release soothing ingredients.

KUDZU VINE EXTRACT : Rich in flavonoids, this plant from the Far East has soothing properties. It acts on the mechanisms involved in the external manifestations of skin irritation (discomfort, redness).

BIOTECHNOLOGICAL COMPOUND : It has soothing and moisturizing actions and helps reduce skin sensitivity.

SQUALANE PLANT : Derived from the transformation of olive oil, its active ingredient helps to restore the lipid barrier of the skin and prevents dehydration.


Morning and / or evening, apply to face and neck after cleansing. It can also be locally applied to the most sensitive areas.

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