HD Brow Cremes are ideal for creating long-lasting, budge-proof brows.

The innovative formula applies like a cream but sets like a powder ensuring a super natural finish that won’t budge for hours.

Features an innovative catch net, so you only pick up the amount of product that you need – avoiding wastage and the chance of creating a brow which is too heavy and unnatural.

Available in 6 signature shades:

*Smoke for cool and ashy undertones
*Bombshell for blondes
*Foxy for those with light to medium brown hair
*Siren for redheads
*Vamp for brunettes
*Raven for deep black hair

How To Use

Take a small amount from the pot with the HD Brows Fine Angled Brow Brush and smooth on the back of your hand – smoothing the brush to create a fine sharp edge. Apply in faint hair strokes to recreate the look of hair.

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