Australian Bodycare- Hygienic Tea Tree Oil Wet Wipes Handy 24 Pack


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Infused with antiseptic Tea Tree Oil, these refreshing wipes cleanse and purify the face, body and hands without over-drying.

Suitable for use on-the-go, and by the entire family, these convenient ph balanced wipes are perfume, alcohol and paraben free. Use as required for cleansing and refreshing the face, hands and body, these handy wipes provide a soothing formula to effectively purify, refresh and revitalise the skin, whilst delivering a fresh fragrance to rejuvenate the senses – perfect for the car, holiday, work or home.

How To Use:

Remove wipes from pack ensuring the pack is sealed once wipes have been removed.

Use Wipe as necessary, then dispose, DO NOT FLUSH these wipes.