Réponse Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Collection


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Inspired by cosmetic surgery techniques, this line responds to the first signs of aging, suitable for individuals who are 30 years +. This range of products provides a cosmetic alternative to aesthetic medicine to smooth, refine, fill, plump, restructure and tone the skin to relax and diffuse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Performance Correcting Serum:

An incredible, award winning serum -Thanks to a formula that combines the power of three Matis technologies and Grafted Glycolic Acid, this serum increases cell regeneration, tension is eased from your face, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced, the facial features are fuller and fine lines progressively fade away. – Botox in a bottle without the injection!

Content : 30 ml

Hyaluronic Performance Toner:

A pre-treatment to be applied before serums and moisturisers. Applied after your regular cleansing and toning routine, the second phase toner acts a catalyst to help create a favorable environment for the application of daily skin care products.

Content : 30 ml

Hyaluronic Performance Moisturiser:

A deliciously light and creamy emulsion captures the high performance of hyaluronic acid.Its formula acts on the skin like continuous micro-injections of hyaluronic acid combining three actions: intense hydration, plumping and smoothing.

Content : 15 ml

Face Renew 100

An intensive exfoliator inspired by micro-dermabrasions in aesthetic surgery. After use the skin is clearer, smoother, softer and more responsive to products that are applied after application.

Content: x2 single dose sachets (1.5ml)