Matis Paris SOS Nutrition Cream


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SOS Nutrition is an emergency treatment that is perfectly adapted to dry and delicate skin. Its gentle formula is rich in Wild Mango, Shea & Illipe butters to intensely nourish and protect the epidermis. Its exclusive Matis complex of natural moisturising and soothing active ingredients help prevent, treat and reduce redness and sooth sensations of tightness. This silky cream glides caresses the skin leaving it feeling velvety and soothed.



ILLIPE BUTTER : From the fruit of Shorea stenoptera, this butter is an emollient known for its moisturising and nourishing properties.

SHEA BUTTER : Rich in triglycerides, vitamins and unsaponifiables, it has regenerating and softening properties.

KUDZU VINE EXTRACT : Rich in flavonoids, this plant from the Far East has soothing properties. It acts on the mechanisms involved in the external manifestations of skin irritation (discomfort, redness).

WILD VEGETABLE MANGO BUTTER : A botanical butter extract from the fruit of Irvingia gabonensis, an exotic tree that has nutritional properties. Its fine assets: filmogenic effect and moistursing action help protect and repair damaged skin.



The soft, delicate texture of SOS Nutrition Cream provides you with instant comfort, intense nutrition and relief from the most sensitised of skins. Skin ends up less reactive, more resistant, nourished and soothed.


Apply in the morning on perfectly clean skin after applying a specialised serum.

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