Matis Paris Smoothing Cellulite Care


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Smoothing Cellulite Care is a body treatment which reduces the appearance of ‘orange peel skin’.
Cellulite can affect even the slimmest of individuals and is caused by a build up of fatty cells, often in a specific area (buttocks, thighs, stomach etc). This fresh gel boasts an original formula to help slow down the formation and build up of fatty cells, stimulates the breakdown of fatty deposits in the skin and promotes microcirulation and tissue drainage. Through its high end range of scientific ingredients, Smoothing Cellulite Care offers a targeted action on ‘orange-peel’ skin and cellulite.
After use the skin appears smoother and firmed, the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin is dramatically reduced and the body’s contours look refined.
SACRED LOTUS EXTRACT : Nelumbo Nucifera Extract rich in flavonoids which helps to:
*Release: by activating the lipolysis and promoting the elimination of lipids.
*Purify: by stimulating the synthesis of adiponectin (anti-inflammatory molecule) and by promoting the drainage of cellulite areas.
*Repair: by preserving the fibers architecture trough the inhibition of the enzymes responsible for its breakdown.
STABILISED PAPAIN: Extract from papaya, this enzyme skillfully stabilized (by grafted to a polymer) reinforces
the exfoliating action of micro beads and ensures a luminous complexion
BCL : Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid and glycoaminoglycans, and promotes the consolidation of the extracellular matrice. The skin is thus toned and re-sculpted


Morning and evening apply to target areas massaging in circles until the product is completely absorbed.


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