Matis Paris Réponse Soleil- Sun Protection Milk SPF10


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Ensures an optimum protection of dark or already tanned skin.

Low protection. Ideal for matt or already tanned skin, protects against UVA and UVB rays, and helps increase the rate and tanning intensity. It contains UVA and UVB sunscreens, Antileukine 6® and a tan accelerator.

With a UV protection

Main Active Ingredients:

UVA & UVB FILTERS : The UVA and UVB filters of the REPONSE SOLEIL line are the chemical compositions absorbing the UV rays.

ANTILEUKINE 6® : The Antileukine 6® helps protect cellular DNA in a targeted way and limit the impact of free radicals from UV rays.

TYR-EXCEL : the association of tyrosine derivate, the principal precursor of melanin, and the Luffa Cylyndrica seed oil accelerates the tanning intensity apparition.

SCENT : a delicate fruity summer fragrance and complemented with delicious scents of Monoi flowers, vanilla and apricot. It is based on a soft, woody note completed with a delicious lemon scent leading to a floral heart.

How To Use:

Apply to the whole body before sun exposure in the amount of 6 teaspoons to provide the specified level of protection. Re-apply every two hours and after swimming.