Matis Paris Delicate Peeling Cream


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A gentle, non mechanical exfoliation.

Especially adapted for sensitive and reactive skin. The Delicate Peeling Cream, does not need to be worked into the skin because of its 100% enzymatic action. Its gentle erasing power allows exfoliation around the eyes contour area and mouth. The skin texture is refined, the grey complexion disappears.

Content : 50 ml



ILLIPE BUTTER : From the fruit of Shorea stenoptera, this butter is an emollient known for its moisturising and nourishing properties.

COMPLEX PROTECTOR : This combination of polyunsaturated fatty acids, unsaponifiables of Shea, corn and Vitamin E protects the skin from irritant attacks. Its action is also soothing.

ENZYMATIC ACTIVE INGREDIENT : This enzyme produced by biotechnology has soft exfoliating properties.

MATISPHERE S AND C : These microcapsules gradually release soothing ingredients.



Apply once a week over to face and neck as well as around the eyes and lips. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with water. Complete the removal with the Lime Blossom Lotion.

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